donderdag 28 augustus 2014


yesterday the sun came around for a wonderful summer day, so we decided to have dinner on the beach!

vrijdag 22 augustus 2014


 i have a set of string®system-shelves, an old one i found on mp a couple of years ago. we've put it up in our dining room where the light is so beautiful. 
the shelves hold my treasures & get rearrenged ever so often when a new treasure comes in or a cutting needs a place to grow in to a babyplant.

the whole house can be in complete chaos (which is quite normal with 2 boys) it's so nice to have my shelves who always look clean & stylish. :) 

1. cups & saucers vintage rörstrand and cubebot
2. plantpots & metal wire basket from the thriftstore
3. small wooden tray from hay, birds from skinny laminx, cream jug bought at a french fleamarket this year & a sugar bowl from the thriftstore
4. glass vase from Ikea, jug vase from the thriftstore 

if you are looking for a nice set of shelves, the fine store in the hague is an official string® dealer!

maandag 11 augustus 2014


our holiday started with one day in paris, where we climbed (yes climbed) la tour eiffel & walked along the banks of the seine where we enjoyed les berges.

photo's taken with my iphone.