zondag 18 mei 2014

# designkwartier

visited designkwartier today with julian.

some higlights from our tour:

#29 tas-ka
#3 holthuijzen belettering 
#6 the fine store
#5 theedoekenwinkel
#12 other nice stuff 
#16 week only treasure hunt
public pie

julian loved the meccano lamps from oom jan at #22, the cars from floris hovers at #3 & the archaelogy finds over at #23 afdeling archeologie gemeente den haag.

i was very impressed with the house of eigen huis & interieur editor in chief mary hessing, she and her family life in a former milkfactory, such a beautiful space & amazing light. #16 woth.
loved the fine store, it recently set up shop here, #6.

we finished our tour at bij lotje for some much deserved icecream. 

if you ever visit the hague do be sure to check out het zeeheldenkwartier.

vrijdag 16 mei 2014

click results - part II

ofcourse i made a photo of both my kids, so here is tristan. i took the camera with me to piet hein eek where i made another film over film-photo.
for part I - click -
apperently the analoge-bug has bitten me pretty hard because now i am on a constant lookout for a 35mm slr-camera, tips are welcome.
have a great weekend.

woensdag 14 mei 2014

52 weeks

52 weeks ago i received this loot - click - from a pilea peperomioides and look at it all grown with 2 little babies of its' own:

over all the pilea is a pretty easy customer, new leaves form one at a time from the top, the bigger & older leaves die and so it gets a trunk.
the pilea i took loots from a few weeks ago was the plant i bought at wauw - the hague.

vrijdag 9 mei 2014

click results

a few weeks ago i posted a photo of my agfa click camera on instagram wondering if i could & should put a film in.
with some good advice from tweeps like mijnes & roest i bought film, did some serious shooting, brought it in to develop yesterday & today i picked up the results.
the camera doesn't really seem to like indoor photography but i am surprised with the results.
in the second photo i tried 'film over film'.

will definitely buy another film soon!

film & developing @ hafo - the hague

zondag 4 mei 2014


yesterday we headed east for a family visit & took the oppertunity to visit piet hein eek in eindhoven 
it all reminded my of my grandfathers' shed, filled with all sorts of material, the ideas must be endless with all that inspiration laying around
i think every school needs a classroom that looks like this workplace, it really sparks creativity

in the phe-shop i stumbled upon a casio-watch that's been on my wishlist for a couple of months, lucky me :)

happy sunday

donderdag 1 mei 2014


he came in yesterday & when i look at him i can't help but smile
this happy pot is from atelier stella, i first spotted her work over on the happy interior blog