zondag 21 september 2014


an all time favorite publisher snor organised a one-day-festival at campside de lievelinge today, a great way to celebrate one of the last days of summer.


we had an amazing afternoon, great vibe & happy people. the boys and i had fun with vwfotobus. i met some onlinefriends, shopped at the yvestownfair. finally found the mirror (i had been looking for on fleamarkets in france for a few years) at lammie verkoopt, had a sign made at wood & wool stool, bought tape at zilverblauw (and her lovely assistant for the day enigheid), got a stamp from muswerk and checked the new doll-clothes-collection at mikodesign.
checked out my plant-skills at mooi wat planten doen and informed about why pilea is such a hard plant to find in shops.
walked around the campside, the boys tried some circustricks and got into the theory behind the perfect waterbomb... loved the old vw-campervans and busses that have been turned into campers. 
hopefully snor will make this festival happen again next year.

zondag 14 september 2014


when the world is on fire one needs to take a deep breath & count one's blessings just to keep the focus on the good things in life.
my men are happy & healthy, so am i. and that's all we need.