zondag 18 mei 2014

# designkwartier

visited designkwartier today with julian.

some higlights from our tour:

#29 tas-ka
#3 holthuijzen belettering 
#6 the fine store
#5 theedoekenwinkel
#12 other nice stuff 
#16 week only treasure hunt
public pie

julian loved the meccano lamps from oom jan at #22, the cars from floris hovers at #3 & the archaelogy finds over at #23 afdeling archeologie gemeente den haag.

i was very impressed with the house of eigen huis & interieur editor in chief mary hessing, she and her family life in a former milkfactory, such a beautiful space & amazing light. #16 woth.
loved the fine store, it recently set up shop here, #6.

we finished our tour at bij lotje for some much deserved icecream. 

if you ever visit the hague do be sure to check out het zeeheldenkwartier.

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