zondag 5 oktober 2014

the story

of a woman who was going to sell a deer.
for weeks i have been piling up stuff in a corner of the livingroom, stuff i was going to sell at the ijhallen fleamarket. tristan figured i was going to take the deer (it is a springbuck by the way) with me to actually sell it and it made him a bit sad saying goodbye to it.
yesterday it stood proudly between all my other stuff. many hands picked it up, examined it, felt the smooth wood but hearing i wanted 10 euro's (7,50 was my lowest price) they all backed down. it surprised me that it didn't sell (had i really overpriced it?) but at one point i remembered tristans' sad face and i decided it wasn't meant to be, it was supposed to stay with me and i took the deer of the stall and put it in my bag.

tristan was really happy seeing the deer coming out of my bag this morning and asked if he could have it in his bedroom, i guess the deer is never going to leave this house again. 

all my other stuff sold pretty well and i really like the atmosphere at the ijhallen. only i didn't leave the stall, afraid of getting tempted to buy stuff. there are so many stalls with great vintage stuff and loads of clothing. 
i was really surprised by ingrid who paid me a visit, so nice to see a familiar face in the crowd!

bought the mo man tai candle at the woonbeurs and the hay lup at le diorama.

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Iris Vank zei

Ahhhh wat een lief verhaal!