dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

vive la vie

ingrid invited a lot of happy people last sunday to celebrate her latest book: vive la vie! after my visit to the hortus i took the tram to handmade heaven in amsterdam. it's a wonderful craftstore that sells some great crafting materials and also hosts workshops. 
but sunday it was all about ingrid and vive la vie! and she was pretty busy signing books and talking to all that came to her party. 
i got myself a copy of the book ofcourse and ingrid signed it with, on request, a little happy figure.
her best friend had baked (i guess for days) different sweet pies to choose from, but because it was an 'applepieday' that was what i had and it was a very good applepie...

it was so much fun to talk to a lot of people i 'know' from instagram or blogs, like enigheid, mevrouwtak, omstebeurt (finally we met!!), jurianne, sloppop, zilverblauw (hop on over, you can win a vive la vie book there!), sillyoldsuitcase, roest and mikodesign.

and the book itself? it's a party on paper! beautiful photo's, lots of diy's and inspiring words. it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, almost like applepie.

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