zaterdag 11 oktober 2014


a couple of months ago i found a dead bumblebee, it looked so beautiful i just couldn't leave it on the sidewalk. i made a photo with my phone and put the bumblebee on instagram. but i couldn't just throw it away, i put him in a matchbox and brought him to het rariteitenkabinet in the hague and had him preserved. today i picked him up, now i need to type his species-information on a piece of paper and place it with him in his little museumcase.

paid a quick visit to the fine store, they sell the scented candles from pommes frites candle co. (best name ever for a scented candle factory!) i just had to sniff them out. i have picked the amber & moss scent. and i treated myself to the kiyoko lipbalm as well. 

in photo number 3 there is box with wonderful tape from zilverblauw inside, i bought it at snorfestival. i like the packaging so much i don't know if i'll ever get the tape out. 
the card with text is from grafisch werkcentrum amsterdam.

in honest, the last photo is tricked, but you allready knew that, right? after the fine store i hopped on over to wauw where i found they sell block letters in different type so you can form your own stamp.

now back to photo number one, the magazine is the second to last one of 101-woonideeën. due to budgetcuts at sanoma 101-woonideeën goes out of print next month after 57 years. i am really proud that this month they published my photo of one of my typewriters. there is also a wonderful look inside the bright house of nelleke, so do pick up a copy!

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